Saturday, February 19, 2011

Being oneself

When you are not trying to become anybody else, then you simply relax -- then a grace arises. Then you are full of grandeur, splendor, harmony -- because then there is no conflict! nowhere to go, nothing to fight for; nothing to force, enforce upon yourself violently. You become innocent.

Just be yourself and remember you cannot be anything else, whatsoever you do. All effort is futile. You have to be just yourself.

A perfect man is a meeting of heaven and earth. That's what a perfect man is: meeting of the physical and the spiritual, meeting of the body and the soul, meeting of the world and renunciation, meeting of prose and poetry.

It is easy to become part of the society and get into the rut; it is difficult to get of it. And once you are in the rut, you start becoming afraid: What will happen if you get out of it.J You will lose money, you will lose this, you will lose that. But you are losing your life all the time!


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