Friday, February 18, 2011

Your live only belongs to you

Nobody else can decide for you. All their commandments, all their orders, all their moralities, are just to kill you. You have to decide for yourself. You have to take your life in your own hands. Otherwise, life goes on knocking at your door and you are never there -- you are always somewhere else.

You have to drop all those patterns that have been forced on you, and you have to find your own inner

One of the basic truths of life -- that which you have learnt can be unlearnt. That which you have learnt from others is nothing natural to you: you can erase it. Just a conscious awareness is needed; it can be erased and the slate can become clean again.

IT IS very easy to follow your parents, it is very easy to follow your teachers, it is very easy to follow the society, it is very easy to be obedient -- to be rebellious, to be on your own, is very difficult. But growth comes the hard way.

Life is possible only through challenges. Life is possible only when you have both good weather and
bad weather, when you have both pleasure and pain, when you have both winter and summer, day and night. When you have both sadness and happiness, discomfort and comfort. Life moves between these two polarities. Moving between these two polarities you learn how to balance. Between these two wings you learn how to fly to the farthest star.

Be an individual and pay for it. In fact, if you get something without paying for it, don't accept it – that is insulting to you. DON'T accept it; that is below you.

When you have felt and sensed your destiny, you see only your destiny.


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